The Symposium proceedings will be published in a special issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal. Please submit to the web page under the link below:

During the submission select YES for the Special Issue of RPD.
The name of the issue is: NEUDOS-13. Please add to the name of the issue also the number of your presentation taken from the conference program e.g.

NEUDOS-13 O5-3
NEUDOS-13 P1-C11

Only one submission per a registered participant is allowed. The manuscripts before acceptation will have to go through the standard strict reviewing process of the journal. Presentation of a paper at the conference does not imply automatically acceptance for publication in the proceedings.

The submission deadline is June 19, 2017.

The manuscripts length is restricted to four printed pages (regular papers) and six pages (invited papers). Papers exceeding these limits will be rejected even after the positive review. Each page is roughly 800 words; figures are roughly equivalent to 150 or 300 words, depending on the size of the figure. These are just estimates, please check the length using the template (see below).

The detailed instructions on manuscript preparation, as well as Word and LaTex templates, may be found at the Radiation Protection Dosimetry web page: